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Sherpak Supermat Protective Roof Pad for Car-Top Bags .. New

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Provides added & padded roof protection plus better road trip grip for your Sherpak or Kanga car-top cargo bag (not included).

  • Non-slip and water permeable matting offers a comfortable layer between the car-top cargo bag and your vehicle's roof
  • Sized to fit the Sherpak Elite 20, Elite 15, Go! 15, and STORM 10 models, the mat can be trimmed for the smaller Elite 10 and Go! 7 versions of the popular Sherpak
  • Also works with most other aftermarket car-top bags
  • 45" long, 38" wide, about 1/8" thick
  • Grey in color, under 1 lb
  • Folds easily when not in use

Tip: Rinse the vehicle roof before any use to limit scratching.

90 day factory limited warranty from Seattle Sports.

UPC # 780292353151

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